Sunday, February 7, 2016


How one can get what Mekkar calls the “IT Factor”? It’s a Driving Motivation for him – Far different from what most people expect or think it is. It is an ongoing quest for the Native from the North. He recognizes this in two people who already have it. Mekkar describes it as a Glowing Outwardly due to a Special Inward Radiance stemming from overall individual Happiness. Where the person’s inward peace, radiance, whatever term you wish to use is easily shown outwardly for all to see.

Those people who have the “IT Factor” - everything good is drawn to them. People are also attracted to them. They are a magnet for others that desire to know them. Where individual souls and society can benefit from the radiance. Even in photographs, especially when smiling, Mekkar can see it. The Arctic Native doesn’t want either of them to lose it, while at the same time engulfs him. Since, Mekkar would blame himself for any decrease in their aura. The Arctic Warrior vows to not stop until he also gains it for himself to share with others. Mekkar feels as though he is racing against the clock of time that is continually winding down before the next stage of his existence. He got a very late start on the enlightenment journey and he wants to catch up for lost time. Mekkar wants to speed up the process. However, that causes friction with others and damages relationships because they feel he is too pushy about it. Other times, the Native from the North makes major mistakes – which does more harm than good. Mekkar knows that he is not perfect, in an imperfect world, and does not pretend to be unblemished.

Thus, the source of Mekkar’s driving motivation. Also, the reason why he does not hesitate to ask so many questions. He will not stop until he reaches that first goal and beyond. Mekkar is not sure if this explanation makes sense or not. Yet, he puts it out there regarding something important to him.