Thursday, March 24, 2016


Mekkar was seeking a rare moment of solitude on the back porch. He only needed a short break to recharge his physical and mental “batteries”. The mischievous Mekkar had taken one the protective weapons, along with ammunition, from a specific unlocked cabinet inside his house. The young man planned on sneaking it back into the wood container later on, while hoping no one else had noticed.

The cabinet was within sight distance from the front door. Its strategic location was chosen based on past negative experiences involving older family members from the last Great War. The idea was to keep small weapons at home to be made available to the household. All members of the family dwelling there were trained in various weapon usage and maintenance. The reasoning behind it was because the closest military base was too far away – even further away than the largest adversary. It would take too long for any aircraft to be scrambled and airborne to provide any defense that might be required.

In the local custom, only strangers came to the front door. People you knew, such as friends and acquaintances normally showed up at the back porch. Nearby the same back door Mekkar was currently enjoying brief relaxation. The Native from the North intended to go with a few friends some distance from the village and fire off some rounds. At least, far enough away to avoid detection and possible trouble from any adults. Of course, there would be drinking involved. While Mekkar sat and waited for a few of his buddies, the fully loaded weapon lay within arm’s length on the table. The Arctic Warrior was looking forward to some carousing.

However, his space was about to be invaded by an unwelcoming guest. The interloper appeared irritated and seemed to looking for food to get his hands on and satisfy its hunger. The animal the growled during its approach toward the porch. As it got closer – the bear stood up and let out a bellowing sound. Mekkar had the feeling that the animal was trying to intimidate him to get what it wanted. Yet, the Native from the Far North was not afraid. He already played a sport during this time that automatically contained intimidation as par of its makeup – that is, ice hockey.  

Next, Mekkar stood up and waited for the black bear to make his move first. The beast then moved quickly on all fours and began to climb the stairs. Mekkar was ready and willing to give a welcome that the bear was not expecting. The natives already knew the weak points of a bear such as its nose. The young man slightly turned his body to his right side and with great momentum brought his arm up to shoulder level. His fist proceeded forward, as the bear reached the top step, and connected with the animal’s snout. The animal let out a sound of pain as it tumbled down the stairs from the powerful punch.

Alf, Mekkar’s younger brother, heard the noise and came outside to find out what all the commotion was all about. But, he did not see the punch. The Arctic Warrior firmly stated to the animal that if it were to come back up and attack him, he would retrieve the fully loaded grenade launcher and would blow him apart. Mekkar did not think about the great chance that by firing the weapon at such a short distance – he would probably be killed as well. The close proximity between him and the bear would make that outcome almost a certainty. Well, the young man figured that the animal must have understood his warning and didn’t want to risk it. Since, the bear turned around and left the area unsatisfied and worse for wear.