Wednesday, December 25, 2013


The main characters in his life:

Sirga – Mekkar’s mama. A beautiful six-foot two-inch dark haired woman with a slightly darker Arctic native complexion. She was a part time professional model, ran the family businesses, worked at the main government building, and also for an airline. She was a fiercely independent woman who spoke twenty four languages and forty eight dialects. A very take charge person and definitely not a procrastinator. Sirga was a workaholic, highly educated with an advanced degree in business. She had a feisty disposition; was very outspoken, and extremely blunt. She was not afraid to say anything to anyone. Sirga acquired these traits from her mother’s side of the family. Also, she could curse worse than a sailor and had a few close friends that were pretty much like her.

Henrik – Mekkar’s papa. A handsome six-foot seven-inch two hundred and fifty pound muscular outdoor type. He was a former athlete and a logger. At first glance he looked intimidating, but he had a mellow disposition. Henrik was a workaholic and had an advanced degree in business. Later on he became an international marketing and sales executive with a multinational conglomerate company.

Alf – Mekkar’s brother, but not the youngest sibling. He grew up to be a six-foot seven-inch lanky very light blond haired athlete. He was big into the martial arts, ninja, and samurai disciplines. Alf was like his papa with an easy going disposition, but he was quieter. He was quite different at his work where he started as a teenager and now gets to travel around the globe. He is fluent in at least seventeen languages and a workaholic also.

Lasse – Mekkar’s best friend. They grew up together except that Lasse is about a year older than Mekkar. He stands six-foot four-inches tall and averages about two hundred forty pounds of solid muscle with blond hair and blue eyes. Lasse is an athlete with a nasty disposition toward strangers. If he doesn’t know you, he doesn’t like you. He has a photographic memory and later became an accountant. He is well educated and smart as a tack. He has a penchant for making trouble when he gets together with Mekkar and later on Alf. Lasse’s mother is good friends with Sirga.

Mekkar – The oldest sibling of the three boys in his immediate family. He is about three and a half years older than Alf and approximately seven years older than the youngest Niillas. Since he was born a little more than three months early, he is unlike the other members of his family in size. Mekkar is five-foot seven-inches in height with brown colored hair and blue-gray eyes. He also inherited the feisty disposition from his mama. Initially raised as a reindeer herder, he became educated and has two Bachelor of Arts degrees. He is tough as nails, athletic, and gives the impression of a real fierce individual. He is a person who doesn’t take any mistreatment from anyone and will fight to the death if he has to.