Monday, February 10, 2014


This is where the agents of the government finally explained to Mekkar some of what was going on and the reasons for their actions. Mekkar wanted to cut through the lies and still had his doubts as to whether he was being told the whole story. He was still curious as to why they were being processed in this harsh manner like animals. Mekkar, at this point, was beyond perturbed and ready to kick some butt. Mekkar was at his breaking point with the overwhelming need to exercise his past sports demons on some government stooges. When he gets ticked off, Mekkar gets mighty ferocious and desires to get physical. Those hockey and fighter training skills were close to being exhibited in a harmful manner and he knew who his targets were – anyone in white.

Next, the white rats pulled out these old looking green canisters. They seemed to Mekkar as being from the World War II period. He could have sworn he saw foreign lettering on them, but couldn’t identify them. Mekkar wished his brother Alf were here just then because he could read that info on the cans. Mekkar figured these were either Chinese or Japanese by the lettering. He remembered from his history lessons that Japan got nuked by the United States in 1945. Thus, Mekkar assumed the items were from there and they must be old. The officials handed out large spoons to each person and poured out this foul smelling liquid substance into each spoon. The stuff reeked like rotten fish. A government overseer told Mekkar to take what was in the spoon, pour into his mouth, and swallow it. The individual attempted to explain in a personal way. Just, as if your mama gave you cough syrup when you were sick. Mekkar put it into his mouth and spit it back out on the ground. It was gross and he let anyone within hearing distance know about it. So, when he had to do it a few more times, Mekkar thought that he was better prepared for the next round. He wasn’t and becoming more irritated with each round.

One of individuals observing there told him that it was potassium iodine. They also added that it was supposed to help prevent thyroid malfunction and cancer. It didn’t matter to Mekkar what they called this nasty stuff. It was supposed to help him? I don’t believe it. He just knew when the liquid hit his tongue, it was absolutely awful tasting. Mekkar thought it was worse than when his godparents would have him drink a full glass of straight vinegar. Mekkar would then usually have to run to the bathroom and throw up. Mekkar thought that this iodine solution was much worse than the vinegar he remembered. 

The white rats had Mekkar and others there in the group take five big spoonfuls of this iodine juice. Mekkar wanted some vodka to drink right then to wash down the dreadful flavor in his mouth. He was of the opinion that he would rather eat fresh steamy reindeer excrement in the future before ever having to ingest that horrific syrup again. Mekkar later learned the syrup gave limited protection and only helped to protect the thyroid. No other parts of the body would gain any benefit from the liquid. Thus, the compound was very limited in its scope of defense. Oh Great! Mekkar thought whether it worth the effort to endure the hideous taste that gave minimal protection to him. It probably wasn’t worth the trouble at all.

Eventually, he did some research on the long term physical effects and consequences on the health of those exposed to the toxic particles. He checked out various sources, mostly at the library, to gather any information he needed. The data came from a host of various language newspaper articles, other media sources, scientific journals, and a few people he knew. It is important to note, the internet was less accessible back then and to enter it required some computer hacking skills. The internet itself is much older than the World Wide Web (www) which didn’t even exist for public access until 1989. He could do this when he had access. Problem was that he didn’t have his own computer and now Lasse’s was unavailable. Mekkar dug deeper and sought information regarding scientist predictions on future outcomes. That is, for people in the distressed areas due to the nuclear accident and the after-effects.

During the initial cleansing process, the national health people stated to Mekkar that he had nothing to worry about. The he would not experience any major effects from this plague for at least twenty five years, if at all. Mekkar thought that this was all hogwash. He later came to the conclusion that this advice was not correct after receiving the news of what happened to the two brothers. They have suffered severely and died fairly rapidly as well as others who survived for short terms after the incident. The young man also reasoned that the government claims are all falsehoods and full of lies. Flat out, Mekkar didn’t trust the government people. He was educated enough to know that anyone can make their case with statistical analysis alone.

He still had a nagging feeling that there are facts still missing and more that he is not being told. Mekkar wanted to ask a physician several questions. However, the doctor had to be outside of the current system and not employed by the government. It had to be a person who he felt he could trust a little more than these liars who arrived quickly on the scene. Mekkar’s sentiment was how did they know when and where to show up so speedily after the crisis? He was conducting a thorough analysis to satisfy some of his own questions. The objective was tying together time frames between cause and effect. When and how the predictions or warnings came announced and whether the full consequences of errors could be avoided or not. Mekkar searched a wide array of sources. He knew, like economists, very few scientific experts in any field completely agree on all data gathered, its interpretation, and impending possibilities.

After the explosion of the reactor other future events arose to inflict more long term health concerns upon the residents. Whole areas and people were burdened way beyond the scope of previous predictions. Mekkar and others he knew in the surrounding area heard rumors and innuendo regarding other nuclear plants that might affect them. These were also constructed in a similar manner as the one that melted down. A number of these energy plants and various nuke reactor stations were not well known. Some were in locations not far away millions of people, but kept secret from them.

Not a small number of people were affected by this event. The fear is that it could get much worse over time. Likewise, if these other plants have minor leakage issues the results could be catastrophic. A large storm, a great wind, or extensive atmospheric activity could carry the pollution sources right to people’s front doors in a hurry. It might seem as though the issue were caused next door, but not necessarily. If a population was previously affected, minor escapes of poisoned air is not such an insignificant factor upon a person’s health. Added to the fact, would be a great number of these stations were poorly designed and construction was worse. Standards that wouldn’t even meet minimal grades for similar power plant facilities in other parts of the world. Even first nations have problems with nuclear power technology and related energy generation.

Science has shown how acid rain can travel long distances to wipe out fish in lakes. This effect was due to antiquated manufacturing structures and policies of irresponsible nations who could care less about their neighbors. In the past, issues arose from a few of those alternative places were much closer to Mekkar’s village. Unfortunately, this is a realm that is more powerful than coal and has the ability to do more destruction over wider areas. There was a secretive hidden agenda used before in not revealing who was adjacent to some of these facilities. What would stop this trend from continuing and having much more potential destructive capability? Would the public be better informed of what is going on around them or lied to some more?

There were also other suggestions of explosions occurring due to nuclear testing and various mysterious activities. Imagine this was happening near the largest military bases in the world. Unfortunately, no large international media outlets said a peep about these conceivable incidents. It seemed to Mekkar that no one seemed to care or bother to investigate these possible occurrences. Maybe the reins were held tight by those in charge? Alf continued to translate some more alternative sources to Mekkar, in a host of different languages. The material reported a few fairly hushed up activities and locations. Alf and Mekkar noticed a tendency concerning these accounts had a habit of being removed from circulation quickly after exposing their covert details. These incidents were quickly hushed up or hidden from public consumption. Just part of another country’s rulers attempt to hide their misdeeds perhaps, thought Mekkar? Again being misapplied and all falling under the all-inclusive umbrella term of national security.

Mekkar’s family ended losing everything they owned due to the fallout. Contrary to the answers given by the officials, no one he knew received any compensation from anyone for it. His home, vehicles, reindeer herd, business, and all personal belongings were destroyed. Friends, relatives, natives, and fellow citizens perished or were affected by this disaster. Mekkar’s own personal health was affected also and still causes problems for him to this day.

A person that Mekkar met later on was an exchange student at the time in a university town not close to the event. That individual acquired type-two diabetes from the distant effects of the fallout that emerged. During the accident, a professional hockey player lived in a city nearby the plant in his youth. It was mentioned that he is awaiting any possible long term effects from the incident to eventually germinate. How can one fight against a force that is not well understood and we don’t know when it might surface?

Later on, the United States supplied a few billion dollars toward encasing and sealing off of the damaged nuclear reactor. The hope was subsequent damage could be limited somewhat and wouldn’t continue to be such a large problem down the line. Mekkar is convinced, however, that the governmental officials responsible for the plant at all levels stole most of that money. He thinks the cash loaned toward that securing and restricting the damage was basically siphoned off because many people had their hands out. The bureaucrats and officials kept a lot of project money for themselves through corruption, bribery, and outright theft. Now, Mekkar is of the opinion that is what government and their representatives always do.

Unbelievably, a few years afterward the incident some people in positions of power still wanted to reopen that plant. Thankfully it is permanently closed for power generation. Now, the local leaders there have the ambition to make the area available to attract tourists and rake in some cash to line their own pockets. What is forgotten is the fate of common people that were affected since they just get kicked to the curb. It is interesting to note that in 2003 fallout spiked in certain northern areas and reindeer had to be destroyed once again. The animal’s food sources were still contaminated along with the local food supply chain. The earth and surrounding environments will be spoiled for a lot longer period of time. People are now passing the effects to their children and nearby cultures have been impacted forever. [Chernobyl – 20 Years, 20 Lives by photographer Mads Eskesen] Has the cost been worth it? Mekkar distinctly says No.

It is important to note that sometimes details become fuzzy to Mekkar regarding events that occurred long ago. One reason is that he doesn’t want to remember when he had to basically start over. Another reason is that he has had multiple concussions with a number comparable to former pro athletes. Only their doctors probably know the extent of the full measure related to permanent memory and brain damage issues. All related to numerous and frequent head trauma. Mekkar at times describes it as the frustration of having short circuits in his head without the warning buzzer. He more often than not forgets what he is saying, while he is the middle of speaking. This is telling considering when he was younger he had a photographic memory and used it extensively. Mekkar is glad he was excellent at taking written notes.

Mekkar has said on occasion that people’s minds are similar to computers. That is everything that happens to them in their life goes on the hard drive. That is the subconscious memory. Mekkar’s trouble is with the accessible memory, the Random Access Memory (RAM), which is now faulty. That is the conscious memory that Mekkar is unable to control what he can remember at any given time. Mekkar figures that he is not the only one who has those same recall problems. He refuses to use the head impairment as a crutch because he knew the hazards and risks when he started. However, it is not so easy to replace or upgrade the brain Ram in human beings is it? There is the rub, maybe technology and scientific discovery can solve this issue in the coming future, perhaps?