Sunday, April 13, 2014


On a few occasions Mekkar and an assortment of his buddies would board a round trip excursion ferry from one of the larger cities to another and back. There were a host of different routes to choose from that left from that spot to a variety of intended destinations. They all said the main reason for this jaunt was they wanted to visit other people they knew across the water. Mekkar himself did not believe it and mentioned that was not the main intention at all. Since the trip itself was an overnight journey the collection of rebels figured why not party and have some outrageous fun.

At the time underagers could have a run of the boat minus a lot of restrictions they encountered on land. It did help that everyone in their bunch appeared to look older than they really were. First of all they could drink duty-free and was much cheaper in cost. Sometimes, that meant also getting hammered with a small number of crew members. The gang had done this sporadically, so they were on a first name basis with a portion of boat employees. Mekkar and his pals were seen by the crew as relatively harmless. The chums all thought the junket and the coastal stop in between was a good place to meet different women too.

As soon as the transport pushed away from the dock Mekkar, Eppu, Kallio, Vanha, Mikko, and a revolving cast of characters would start up the flurry of inebriation. Engaging in revelry was part of the action as well. In other words, party throughout the night. A wide selection of booze was available for consumption: Beer, vodka, other grain spirits, rum, bourbon, tequila, and more. Mekkar endeavored to try and experience as much of the different flavors at his disposal each time. Well, as much as his body could tolerate. Not forgetting the basic staples of alcoholic beverages the Arctic warrior already enjoyed.

Mekkar problem occurred when he would mix the hard stuff with beer. His system, especially his stomach, did not like this too much. As it would happen, he would feel the effects quickly. Then, proceed to get sick due to the mixing of the two different types of drink. Otherwise, when Mekkar stuck to one or the other he would arrive in a good festive state without the sickness and nausea.

The lack of extra taxes on the spirits on the boat made the liquor prices less expensive. Thus, the gang ingested more. Mekkar and his friends also saved a bundle of cash by usually renting one room or two at most. Not a cabin for each individual which would have cut into the amount of money on hand for partying. The troop rarely stayed in any of the rooms they did hire unless it was to place to pass out or bring female companions back to. Much of the time was spent run around the decks in a crazed state of drunken madness or playing pranks on others. To many outsiders it would be hilarious to watch them in action.

This type of activity on their part would be in full swing early in the journey. That is, way before reaching any halfway point of the shortest trip between two distinct locales. A few other forays might involve short stops at islands and coastal entrances along the way.

The pack would party all night long. On this particular trip there was a band onboard. So, Mekkar and the group definitely took advantage of that! On some trips they would reach the main destination city and stay on the boat not bothering to go ashore. Then, depart on the same course back to where they originated, to do it all over again. On the sojourn back, the fellows could be quite loaded.

In one instance, Mekkar and his buddies were going down in one of the elevators and Mekkar got sick by mixing the consumed booze. He became queasy from the combination and assimilation of the different beverages. As a result, Mekkar threw up in a big way on the floor of that lift. His barfing session was followed by others who saw it, were affected, and did the same. It became a considerable mess. Mekkar and the gang reached their floor and got out rapidly. They didn’t want anyone else to notice who had made the nasty mess.

As they walked away laughing, carousing, and carrying on, most of them noticed an older couple about to get into the same elevator they had just left. There was a thud. The old woman had slipped and fell on her bottom in their vomit. Mekkar thought those people should have noticed the puke on the floor. At the very least, the nasty smell of it before getting into the lift. He concluded the reason why the older ones were not aware beforehand because they might have been drunk too! Mekkar still muttered to himself, “They are so stupid”. The little old maid started blurting out derogatory statements and swear words in a loud manner not caring who heard. She said, “Those spoiled brats. Uncontrolled heathen!” and she went on and on cursing for a bit.

The elderly couple probably assumed that Mekkar and his friends didn’t understand what they were saying. The boys had been steady conversing in a totally different tongue on the boat and in the vicinity of the other guests. However, Mekkar and the gang understood every word that came from those seniors’ mouths. They just pretended not to understand. Mekkar along with the rest of his posse just thought it was funny and continued to laugh and joke about it. Still, there was plenty of time to carry on their merry way to consume more booze and create more commotion.