Thursday, July 31, 2014


There was one short term security guard second job that Mekkar worked at when he needed some extra money to afford making a larger item purchase. In one instance on a hot summer day he worked at a very restrictive door at a vintage car show. Only the auctioneers and car owners were allowed through that specific entrance, from outside, that Mekkar was responsible for. The idea was to protect the high dollar vehicles that were to be auctioned off from being stolen before they reached the bidding process.

There was one person in particular that attempted to enter that path without the correct credentials. The guy severely pestered Mekkar for over fifteen minutes. That is, until The Arctic Warrior tersely responded with an ultimatum to stop the grief. Mekkar bluntly said, “It has been explained to you what is required to enter through this way. Say one more word to me about it and you will be picking yourself off of the ground, as I have had enough of you!” Then the middle aged man, after all of this drama, finally pulled out the proper identification allowing him to walk-in directly past Mekkar into the complex. No one else standing there gave the man from the Far North, guarding that path, any trouble the rest of the day.

Later on during his shift, Mekkar’s boss and the owner of the security company that was hired to provide services for the event, came by to speak to Mekkar. The owner asked him, “Does everyone hate you while you have been at this door?” Mekkar replied, “Yes!” Next, his boss told him, “Perfect, you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing and what I want as well. There was a reason why I chose you for this spot. I know that you will not put up with any nonsense and are not a pushover. You are not one to just let anyone in areas, where they are not supposed to be. Also, for your excellent performance here, you will be receiving a bonus in your paycheck.” Then, the boss handed him a nice cup of refreshing liquid to cool him off.