Saturday, November 15, 2014


One time while Mekkar was living in the big city, he and a couple of friends walked toward the downtown area. They wanted to visit the large weekly open air marketplace for two reasons. One was to pickup some fresh fruit and vegetables because of their nutritional value. To them, the taste is better than the store bought brands as well. After all, they were still growing young athletes. The other reason was to meet the hordes of women that appeared there.

After the small group spent some time doing their thing, they split up in pairs to make the walk back home with their produce and a few phone numbers. Mekkar and the buddy with him soon saw, on a side street, two huge guys begin to move a vehicle out of a parking spot near the curb. Mekkar and his friend could not stop observing the scene unfold in front of them. Each one stood at least six foot nine inches (2.10 meters) tall and appeared to weigh 300 pounds (136.077 kilograms) or more. Those guys had shirts on that revealed muscular frames. The men each took a corner of the front side of the medium sized vehicle and scooted it over a bit. Then, they went to the rear of the car and did the same thing. This occurred a few times until the pair of large individuals got back into their own vehicle and moved it into the parking spot along the curb. The one they just physically created with their own brawn and brute strength.

The two men began to leave the newly relocated car alongside theirs, in the road and in a double parked situation. At that moment, it dawned on Mekkar that only a few individuals, he was aware of, could and the guts to attempt and carry out such a stunt like what he had just witnessed. Back home in his village there were some people who were big and strong enough to do it including his papa, he thought. He knew his papa was overseas on a business trip, so Mekkar right then dismissed that speculation altogether.

There is a saying that “curiosity killed the cat” and in this instance Mekkar and his buddy became the panthers as they approached within hearing distance of the ensuing conversation. The Arctic Warrior instantly recognized the large men’s voices as soon he heard them. It was affirmed now that Mekkar was close enough to see and identify who the huge individuals were. Fortunately, Mekkar and his chum were still at a safe distance away from the action, in case they had to flee to avoid any trouble. Now, both were close enough to the action to see and hear everything that was happening. Still, the presence of Mekkar and his compatriot were never noticed.

Suddenly, an officer of the law arrived on the scene and Mekkar thought he also looked familiar. However, neither Mekkar nor his pal wanted to deal with the cops in any manner. The authority figure spoke to the two large individuals as if he knew who they were and discerned what had happened. He sternly told the men, “To put the other car back in its rightful place and take themselves somewhere else. Before you go, I am giving you both a ticket with a fine to be paid in court for your creative action.” Afterwards, the policeman went away laughing.