Tuesday, September 22, 2015


When Mekkar was younger, his mama brought him along on quite a few magazine and runway modelling gigs with her. many people directed compliments his way. She reminded her son to respond back in a blunt way that would surprise them. Tell them, "I hope you continue to say those nice things, when I get older and date your daughters!"

Sirga had a motive behind her actions, despite the fact that Mekkar did not understand the quip flowing from his mouth nor her intent behind it. She attempted, in this small way, to control his ego from getting a swelled head. Mekkar's mama retained a rationale that her son was still young enough to formed and keep grounded.

It was all part of Sirga's growth preparation process with regard to her sons, especially the oldest one – Mekkar. She was well aware that adulthood can surprise young people when they reach it and find out how hard it can be. Often reality strikes and life knocks a person in the teeth unexpectly and repeatedly. She wanted her offspring to learn the key is always how an individual answers the bell and be ready for the next time.