Monday, October 10, 2016


Then, one day, Bam! Out of nowhere and unexpectedly, Mekkar overhears a young lady tell another that they hear that Mekkar's mama is pregnant and about to have another child. This was a dramatic turn of events "floored" little Mekkar, who was young himself. He was surprised and bothered about this news and its possible affect on him. He thought, "How could this happen to him!" and was disappointed that nobody warned him ahead of time.

He was confused about how he should react to the news of this event, as well as, how he would have to help care for the young sibling. Also, he felt that he wasn't old enough to do this and be a "big brother". He was furthermore upset that no one would pay as much attention to him anymore, since he currently was "the cat's meow". It seemed to Mekkar that his upcoming brother would become the "new special one" and that Mekkar would be the forgotten one.

Later on, when the little brother had arrived, Mekkar was still jealous and even a little bit resentful of Alf. This is where the competition begins between the brothers. Mekkar attempted to take care of his little brother from time-to-time, but didn't always know how to make this small creature understand and relate to him. Mekkar was thought to be mature for his age, but his "real immaturity" was revealed in these situations because Mekkar would get easily frustrated with Alf.

No matter what Mekkar believed, he couldn't comprehend that infants were not able to communicate in a similar manner as fully developed individuals. Added to the fact, that even though Mekkar was learning many languages at this time - he still was not even close to being "fully evolved" yet. However, eventually in time, Mekkar would come to appreciate his sibling and Alf's affect on him!