Saturday, March 18, 2017


When Alf had come earlier to retrieve his own shoes filled with candy and treats away from the fireplace, he purposely neglected to remind or warn Mekkar at that time. Mekkar called his brother a devious individual and he knew Alf was relishing this misfortune of his. Mekkar then proceeded to get into trouble for his forgetfulness and the ruining of the specially made shoes. He also received a second punishment because a family member would have to create a new pair of those same hand crafted shoes for him from scratch. It was not planned for yet because the shoes wouldn’t have worn out by this time and should be still useable, but now weren’t due to special circumstances. It is well to point out that Mekkar never again got candy or goodies in his shoes when left outside on Christmas Eve, just sand. Eventually, Mekkar just stopped leaving his shoes outside on the porch hoping for extra Christmas treats, so he wouldn’t have to clean the sand out. Fortunately, sand was easy to remove and clean out of the footwear.

Like his papa intended Mekkar was finally enrolled in the local martial arts class, where his younger brother had begun a few years earlier. Mekkar was hesitant, but his papa required him to do it and Mekkar was not going to tell his large papa, No! Plus, Henrik told Mekkar that martial arts are very beneficial for improving his sports footwork and protective skills.

When Mekkar first started out in the martial arts training class, he felt stupid, clumsy, uncoordinated, embarrassed, and out of his element while he was getting his rear end kicked, punched, thrown, and flipped a lot! Mekkar figured that everyone has to start somewhere and some point, so why not now and here. At first, he was humbled big time because he thought that he had gained some toughness playing hockey and other games with the older kids on the lake. However, this martial arts activity was a different ballgame and coming in with a toughie attitude was a mistake and it changed quickly, since he was in actuality, a beginner. Mekkar, after some time, began to put some more time into it as he started to see improvement in his skills. As he worked hard at it, he got to a level of brown belt in karate and noticed that others that had this bad boy newcomer disposition, would in time, be knocked of you by those instructors and higher level students with more experience. Mekkar observed this and had learned from his previously errored ways.

Mekkar, from then on, would attempt to advise some of the others that were beginners in the martial arts endeavors to leave their egos at the door but many ignored his heed and suffered the same indignation that he did at the very beginning. So, Mekkar just focused on his own martial arts development and later on earned a red belt in Aikido. The techniques he learned here would help avoid some more serious injuries later on and one day Mekkar realized his papa did know what he was talking about and not feeding him a line of bull to get him to participate.

There was one time at home when a very frustrated Mekkar was punching and kicking at the large heavy canvas colored 1.21 meters (4 feet) tall hanging from a hook and a rope from a large beam. But, Mekkar had a nasty temper also and on this occasion had an overwhelming need to win. So, he went over and grabbed an axe and swung it in a chopping motion cutting a big hole on the side of the bag near the bottom. As the sand inside started running out onto the floor, Mekkar tried to gather his wits about him and attempted everything he could to stem the flow of the sand because he then realized the consequences of his actions and dread set in. When his papa came home, Mekkar got into trouble again, because it seemed Mekkar was always in trouble. Not only did he have to clean up the mess he made but also had to fork out a good chunk of change to buy a new heavy punching bag and it had to be exactly like the old one. Mekkar had to replace this bag that he just destroyed because his papa had bought the previous one for everyone in the family to use. It wasn’t cheap and had to be shipped in because you couldn’t just go and pick one up at the local store, here in the arctic.

Since Mekkar had no drawing talent whatsoever, he had his friend Iilvas create a caricature of the national government assigned overseer of this area. The kids would jokingly refer to him as the imbecile mayor. Mekkar seemed to think that nobody in the area liked this person, as they thought of him as a state sponsored arrogant spy who was there to tattle on the natives, back to officials in the halls of the capital buildings down south. The locals also saw him as an observer of how to rip-off more of the natural resources there, as well as get rid of the rest of the remaining native culture like they having been trying to do for hundreds of years. This, all on behalf of the state and big business.

Mekkar was correct in thinking that most of his contemporaries also hated the governor, who was not a native minority and was unable to speak neither the native language nor the local dialect of this region. They thought that he was a city slicker and noticed that most of the adults had little interaction with him and avoided him if they were able due to a lack of trust of this outsider among the locals.

Well, being kids pranksters to boot, Mekkar and his buddies decided they would give the governor a little gift. Iilvas drew a picture of the regal mayor with his head between his legs and up his butt. The locals would recognize the person who the drawing represented. The special artwork was then cut out and glued onto the cover of a 1,001 Jokes about … book and translated into a language so the governor could understand it. Mekkar, along some others, went up to the mayor’s front door as he was unaware of most of the local customs, and they left the book in a package box next to the door. Then, they rang the door bell and ran. Then, they hid themselves nearby so the boys could observe. They saw him open the door and pickup the package and take it inside the house. Next, they heard a loud voice ring out a long string of obscenities from the house.

It took all of their strength to keep the boys bursting out laughing right then and there. Eventually, when Mekkar and his friends got far enough away from the house, as to not be discovered, they heartily cracked up. Supposedly, none of the boys in the posse told anyone else about the prank. However, the next day in the village the story spread like wildfire in the sparsely populated area they lived in. Even though it was not a crime, the boys didn’t want to be revealed and prank perpetrators were never found out. So, they   celebrated among themselves by getting drunk on one of the hills overlooking the village.

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