Friday, January 10, 2014


Mekkar was getting older, but was still young enough to hang out together with his mama on one of her modeling trips. During a break from a modeling photo shoot they went walking together outside. They needed to get some fresh air because it gets stuffy in those studios. The suffocating tension among the crew and models continued to accelerate also. Plus, Sirga wanted to get away for a bit from the constant motion and craziness, which is normally inherent on many assignments in the industry. She definitely needed to lower her stress level as much as she was able. The question was would she would be able to accomplish that with Mekkar around. Usually her oldest son caused her stress levels to rise instead of decrease. Mekkar had that knack and affect on her.

They had only journeyed, for a few blocks away from the building that housed the photo studio, along the streets of New York. As they passed by a number of small businesses, Sirga and her son heard a noise above them blearing through a speaker. This little record shop there grabbed their attention, especially Mekkar’s. The boutique seemed out of place in this stretch of blocks. A short distance further away had a good number of small music shops located together in their own section.

Instantly, the boy heard a totally different sound was from anything else he had listened to before. Mekkar looked up and determined it was undeniably coming from the electronic systems. With his curiosity peaked, he had to check it out. He begged his mama to enter the store with him. Mekkar boldly went directly to the person at the counter and inquired as to who were the featured sounds he heard outside. “It is Cheech and Chong, a different kind of comedy duo”, was the response.

The native youngster normally carried his own cash with him when travelling with either of his parents. The audible interplay was so different and sounded so cool to him. The lad was frequently drawn to many things that were considered different from the usual. He thought that his friends at home would like it too! His peers in the village welcomed Mekkar’s visits to the four corners of the earth. They always anticipated Mekkar would bring back home odd stuff from other parts of the world. More so, it was even expected that he would share his new prizes with his buddies. He just had to buy it. So, it was good planning that both he and his mama had gone out earlier to convert their money into the local currency. That way purchases could be conducted with no major problems.

Mekkar knew there were no issues with his mama regarding this purchase. Especially, since he paid for the item with his own money gained from working. Sirga was glad that she was not on the hook to buy it. Added to the fact, that Sirga would have refused any purchase by her son if she thought it was harmful. Mekkar couldn’t wait to bring these records back home. On the recommendation of the shop counter person, he purchased multiple albums put out by those guys. “Wait until my friends hear this, it will blow their mind!” Mekkar quipped. Altogether it would be another new experience to enjoy with his friends. It was a bonus that he knew that no one around him had heard anything like this before in its entirety.