Thursday, January 9, 2014


After Mekkar had got back from his first long worldwide hockey tour around the globe, he acted like a typical teenager and hung out with his closest buddies. Their little posse had their usual drinking session and then took off. The idea was to look for some fun of any kind. In this area, a person’s options to fight against boredom are limited and creativity is needed. The small group were joking and laughing together. They were just glad to be out of the house with no adults around. The gang strolled alongside the road with the intent to make their way over to another friend’s place. In short order the four of them would witness something they had not seen before and probably never will again.

Their small clique saw this shiny candy apple red Ferrari, none of them could ascertain the exact model but they knew it was a Ferrari by the car’s body type. Mekkar recognized the vehicle as similar in type to the one that his relative Gunna had. He wanted so badly to take Gunna’s car for a fast spin. Mekkar next began to convince the rest of the pack that he was right. Mekkar always wanted to be right about everything, even when he is wrong.  Henrik’s oldest boy was of the opinion that cars were more distinctive in those days and had more character, both on the inside and out. Most vehicles today appear to him to be very similar at first glance and harder to distinguish.

They were close enough to admire the cool chick magnet red Ferrari. Yet, as they did it seemed to pull out a little too much into the regional highway, with one lane going each way. Suddenly all four of them felt a swoosh. A great rush of wind blew past them as a screaming fast car went racing by. It appeared to be another fancy expensive sports car.  Mekkar stated to the others that it looked like a yellow Lamborghini. It was an estimated guess on his part based on the shape and other factors. None of them could really identify the swift auto due to it was going by so fast. It was like a blur.  

It was moving so rapidly, it sliced the front part of the red Ferrari off all the way to firewall in front of the driver. Just like cutting through butter. Mekkar and his buddies continued to approach the red sports car now dead in its tracks. They heard the driver in the red vehicle yell with a loud voice, “What the hell?” There was also a look of disbelief as that individual sat there in his formerly pricy car now without a front end. At the same time the yellow sport machine just kept going and it was instantly out of sight.

The guys knew that the yellow car that zoomed by had to have sustained severe damage. They were sure that it got messed up, but no one there saw the debasement of that expensive car because it was soon gone. Mekkar frowned and quipped, “What a waste of a prime piece of machinery.” He wished he could afford one. Only small pieces of breakage remained and most of them were from the red ride. Lasse asked the other boys in their group with a surprised look, “Did you see that?” None of them could answer back eight then because they were paralyzed with a myriad of emotions at that point. They just stood there with their mouths open. Shock, awe, amazement, along with speechlessness was the response. No one said a word again until they reached the other friend’s place. Then, they couldn’t stop talking about they had witnessed. That episode continued to be the topic of conversation for quite awhile between them. Well, until something else comes along.