Monday, August 4, 2014


Mekkar has knowledge that he, along with others, was intentionally blacklisted with many closed doors and lack of opportunities imposed by some governments. Related corporations and big businesses have taken a similar stance. Many possible employment prospects have mysteriously fallen though as well. Even after background searches of him turned up no criminal activity in his past.

He says it stems from being in a specialty unit during a certain time period in the military. Mekkar had to fulfill his compulsory service like everyone else. One small group The Arctic Warrior was involved in had been trained by a known foreign clandestine agency to execute special tasks. The undertakings were labeled as Black flag, or better known as Black Ops, operations. The target was a rival during the decades-long superpower standoff between the United States and Soviet Union and their allies.

The foundation of this particular mission was for the unit to poison water tables, rivers, lakes, ground water sources, etc. of an opposing Cold War adversary. The focus was sources that served large swaths of the public. Quicker movement of the water would make it spread faster and cause more harm. By the time the cause could be discovered and antidote formulated to combat the effects, many people would have been affected.

However, the small outfit Mekkar was a member of dragged their feet and never carried out the dastardly deeds they were assigned. Thus, many innocent civilians were not harmed. This lack of action did not please their superiors or the people who directed the endeavor in the first place. They felt the exclusive preparation and costs had been wasted.

As a result, Mekkar mentions that he and the group have been punished and blacklisted on an individual, as well as, collective basis. Those in charge of the project have taken revenge against them due to their refusal to execute the plan. Some of the individuals from the inactive group have suffered unexplained and unsolved deaths since that time. The rest, that are still alive, have developed a habit of always looking over their shoulder for potential enemies.

Mekkar is uncomfortable when this topic was broached because he has not spoken about this matter for a long time. The man from the Far North wouldn’t say if the others lost their nerve to speak regarding the subject. It appears to be a matter of self-preservation. Maybe, Mekkar doesn’t care about the potential consequences anymore as the damage has been done and is non-reversible. It is ironic that despite the events which led to the Cold War ending its stalemate just a few years later, the battle still rages.