Sunday, August 10, 2014


In an exhibition hockey game against the Northland Aces all-star squad, Mekkar was fortunate to play alongside one of his heroes. The matchup this day was in his heroes’ hometown. Mekkar was part of a youth team program there also. So, Mekkar was on the local side that had a mix of professionals and a few younger athletes which included him. The Arctic Warrior even stated, “Wow, I am playing with a superstar!” 

Mekkar’s nervousness was evident when the game began. His teammates saw that he was overwhelmed by the situation at first. Early in the game, Mekkar gave the puck away on foolish turnovers. It happened not once, but twice in a row and deep in his own zone. Those turnovers resulted in two quick goals by the opposition and the netminders was not too happy with the young defenseman.

The superstar tried to calm Mekkar down and told him, “Don’t worry about it. You need to relax and we will get those back. Play your game in the manner you usually do and everything will be fine. I have seen you perform before and know what you can do. I will be there to back you up.”

On the bench in between shifts, one of the pro’s on his squad told Mekkar, “You are not the second coming of Booby Orr. It would be foolish for anyone to compare themselves with him. Mainly because nobody does everything Orr can do. A player just needs to work hard to improve their skills, especially their weaknesses, and try to everything well. Be your own person! Don’t try to copy someone else.” Another pro seated next to Mekkar on the pine chimed in, “If it wasn’t for all of Orr’s knee injuries, we would have thought that he wasn’t human. You are still a kid; just learn from your mistakes.”

Those were the magic words, because suddenly Mekkar found his groove. His normal method to get rid of game environment jitters was to bodycheck opponents and throw around his body. Sometimes, it also resulted in getting hit by someone on the other team. It took awhile for Mekkar’s side to come back and make up for his early mistakes. Yet, they did and were victorious with a late goal in the third period by his hero.