Monday, October 26, 2015


As Mekkar listens to the AC/DC song – Down Payment Blues, it takes him back in time to when he first heard it in the background. The Arctic Warrior wanted to buy the album - Powerage right then and there because he thought it rocked in a fantastic way. However, his wish was not granted during that particular stop on another Hockey Tour away from home. Mekkar was kept from making that purchase in person, due to the team bus was departing for the arena as part of the game day morning skate. All players on the team were required to be on that particular bus as to not miss the trip. In reality, the morning skate always ended up as a light practice instead of a familiarity skate in the rink. The idea was to get the team acquainted with the facility before participating in the game later on that day.

Sometime in the future, Mekkar heard news that a limited number of copies of the same album were going to be made available locally for purchase. He knew exactly when and where to be, as well as, hoping that no unforeseen obstacles were placed in his way. Mekkar was a creature of habit like many of his fellow citizens. However, he was very stubborn in his way and would be unamused if his plan did not work out as planned.

Mekkar was already living, down south, in the capital city and being employed by a local hockey team in the area. On the appropriate date, The Arctic Warrior woke up early and walked a few blocks to be outside the Import Shop. He was the first person there and waited for the small business to open its front door. Soon afterward, other stragglers shuffled up and formed a line behind him. This had occurred before, remembered Mekkar, when he concluded previous purchases there before. So, he did not expect any surprises. Yet, on this cold morning he was first in line with cash ready to be spent. There would be little time to waste once the store opened. The native from the north wanted to take care of this transaction quickly and be out the door. Ironically, Mekkar needed to head back to the arena to prepare himself for another morning skate. He felt this might be his last chance.