Monday, August 22, 2016


Then, the effects of the cherry and possibly other fruits as well bombing raid set in. Mekkar’s uniform and some items underneath were now soaked with juice mixed with his own sweat and it began to run down into all parts of his gear and undergarments. Mekkar felt like people in the seats nearby had also poured more cups of juice or a liquid that smelled like beer all over him. It was starting to feel sticky to the touch.

When Mekkar had served his crime time in the hockey jail there was a break in the action during the game. He made a bee-line from the sin bin straight to the lockerroom across the ice. Mekkar also left his own unintentional small streak from the assault to mark his journey off to the bowels of the arena. The game officials called for time to repair the ice surface and try to lessen the visibility of the new line created by the Mekkar mess.

Selects’ players thought the whole situation was pretty funny and saw that Mekkar was steamed. They knew he would be back for more extraction and retaliation for this act against him. Mekkar hurried to get out of the drenched juice soaked gear and clothing he was wearing and took a quick shower. He had insufficient backup equipment of his own and so had to scramble up some other items to be fully outfitted to participate in the third and final period of the game.

Mekkar subsequently stated out loud and directed his comments to anyone nearby who would listen regarding his theory of why the home team was wearing their dark colored sweaters at home for this matchup. Since the home club gets to choose this meant the visitors had to don their light background jerseys. Now this is a common theme with the advent of third or alternate jerseys for the teams playing in their own backyard.

However, the normal trend during this era was the home teams wore the whites or in the case of the NBA Los Angeles Lakers donned their yellow jerseys at home with the darken shades being worn on the road. Special occasions were a whole different environment entirely and excluded from these tendencies. Mekkar was now extra suspicious as he changed and cleaned himself up for more activity in the last period.

He just wanted revenge and was about to take it out on any opposing player foolish enough to venture in his space on the ice. A cruising for a bruising in a brutal physical manner was to be unleashed as a result of the fans display against him. Until, he was kicked out of the game altogether.

In the course of his first shift of the third stanza, one of the home players made a smart remark to Mekkar. This set him off and Mekkar went on the attack. After knocking out that player with a good right hook to the chin, he let gravity take over and the victim fell to the ice in a heap. The enraged teen was happy to see his favorite color of red blood flowing from his victim. Right then Mekkar received his fighting major infraction along with a game misconduct penalty and was ejected from the match.

This led to the crowd serenading him while the chorus of the song Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Good Bye by Steam played in the background. In addition, The Arctic Warrior received a personal escort to the lockeroom where he got to listen to the rest of the game on a local radio station. Mekkar is completely different from most people in that he believes in getting mad and getting even with his target. He was still ticked off because Mekkar felt that he didn’t really accomplish his due amount of retaliation. Nonetheless, it is wise to not to mess with Mekkar and pick another mark to heap abuse upon. Oh! Yeah, the Selects won the game 5-1 and totally turned the tables after Mekkar’s forced departure from the match.