Wednesday, August 3, 2016


SAN DIEGO (PART L) in Aug,, 2016.

Mekkar saw a brochure in a rack located in the hotel lobby that interested him. He doesn’t remember the title exactly, so he called it Beach On The Border. After some cajoling Alf, Lasse, Johan, and Stig decided to accompany him on this trip.

Their group bribed one of the hotel employees who also drove the transport vans for picking up and dropping guest staying there. The band of five also paid him for his time and asked him if he was familiar with the area they wanted to travel to. The employee said he used to live in the area and still has friends living nearby.

They first stopped off, at a hardware store, to pickup some supplies for their little project. The crew searched and purchased tools such as a couple of shovels, buckets, trash cans, and some pieces of lumber. Also, they stopped somewhere else and got some alcohol. Mekkar told the hotel staff member that this equipment they had purchased would be donated to the hotel landscaping staff after this journey.

Then, the small group set off down the highway until they reached one of the last exits before reaching the border and headed west to the water. The driver warned them that the water might be polluted so be careful.

He also told them a small amount about the Tijuana Bullring by the Sea nearby. When the guys got out and removed the tools, they asked him to pick them up in about three hours. The van took off and the crew went down to the deserted beach with the overcast skies above them.

The group got to work building a sand castle. While at the same time, hoping no one would notice them. Since Mekkar’s one hand was damaged his job was to pat down the dirt in place with his good paw. The task happened quickly with all five putting forth some effort.

They build one tiny room with dirt support that even a six foot tall individual could stand straight up in with touching the ceiling or the inside walls. It was a tight squeeze with little clearance room inside for Alf or Mekkar, as Lasse was much too large or tall.

Since there were not the problems with the border in those days, Mekkar went around the poles on the beach and just took a couple steps onto the Mexico side. The fence was not as large, extensive, restricted, or fortified as it is today.

Mekkar twirled around in a circle a couple of times and yelled out to others, “I am in Mexico!” It sort of looked like a shortened version of the hokey-pokey. A couple of strides later and he was back on the United States side. They all noticed the bullring since it stands out from anything else there. Their reward for building the sand structure was they all got drunk together on the peaceful beach. By the time the van came back they were tired from their physical exertion and well lubricated as well.

Later on unaware, the gang of five found out that it was illegal to dig on the beach, cross the border, and consume alcohol in a state park without permission. Fortunately for them no authorities showed up to reprimand them or give them a fine to pay. From there, Mekkar and his buddies embarked on other adventures throughout the area until their next match.