Friday, September 9, 2016


Mekkar must have stated his concerns in his mind and also out loud because another person there told him that the nose had been shot off by way of a cannon ball. A misfire that was done by one of Napoleon’s soldiers long ago and that he was not in any danger of falling debris. [Wikipedia] The young man was hoping to see the rest of this vast pyramid complex on this day and he accomplished this. As dusk approached they loaded back up into the same vehicles and continued on. Happily the vehicles were supplied with snacks, drinks, and whatnot as they caravan travelled south through the desert with the great river nearby flowing in the opposite direction northward.

As he was leaving the pyramids in the distance of the rear view window, Mekkar felt sad for the long lost people who built those magnificent symbols. Masterpieces that are still around thousands of years later to be treasured by the earth’s inhabitants today. He also reflected about the culture and the people who lived during that time period. Would they be pretty much forgotten today if these manmade structures no longer existed? Would their past accomplishments be basically erased today and banished to the annals of history? Mekkar pondered on these questions.

The native from the north was still a product of his upbringing and environment. He thought that hopefully some in the future will still remember us as a people. That our good deeds might be recognized long after our own native culture is no longer present in the world. That maybe we failed to leave any massive makers of a culture long passed like these the Egyptians did under the Pharaohs. He realized right then the future fate of his own indigenous civilization. Mekkar felt somber because many ancient peoples along with native societies have come and gone.

They disappeared and those stepping stones for progress, as well as, the lessons that could have been gained now are perished forever. The usefulness can’t help us in the current age, even though there are some areas where mankind has gained ground. The basic truth is people have changed little in their nature throughout the sands of time. Mekkar is of the opinion that ancient peoples lived in the same vein as today’s native environments. They both face similar dilemmas in that many of their contributions are rarely recognized by the dominating and overwhelming surrounding modern lifestyles. Mekkar knows one thing for sure, that concrete jungle dwellers are fairly inflexible and unadaptable in comparison to his tribe and society.

Whereas a passenger in the moving transport during that first night Mekkar had plenty of time to think about things, that is, when he was awake. He deliberated that everyone has their own agenda, no matter whom they are or when they lived. The team’s visit to the pyramid valley reinforced this belief in his head. Mekkar kept speculating ways to show others those native manners of living also have their benefits. He affirms those are, on a smaller scale, excellent examples that resemble provision of a more equal distribution of resources. Which in turn raises the overall prosperity to the group as a whole due to sharing concept among its inhabitants. As long as everyone works and contributes their fare share of the load, and not sit on their rear end expecting others to take care of them. It is not a welfare system but a matter of survival just like, in a sense, a pack mentality of sorts.

Emerging from Mekkar’s concept is that he feels modern societies have a very different screwed up viewpoint. For the most part those in charge do not care about their overall populations, except perhaps as slave classes to provide for the state and the benefit of the elites. This is a result of the dog eat dog greed mentality that is embedded into the consciousness of each modern society. Mekkar says it has also been imparted into the subconscious of the people by way of design as designated by the elites. It’s all one facet of a greater overall plan to brainwash the people. This has not changed since the beginning of time.

The Wanderer from the Arctic considers it is ironic that the more technological civilizations are in many ways more backward and regressive. It is due to the impersonal, detached, and narcissistic attitude that infects and permeates the various societies. While at the same time delude them also. It is quite a quandary that he hasn’t yet internally solved. Mekkar let these type of thoughts swirl through his noggin while he took in the majesty and expanse of this area. He appreciated how long these natural and interspersed manmade objects have stood the test of time. Mekkar answered some of his own questions regarding how these lasting wonders of the ancient world were built and still remain today.

Mekkar realized that even back then the same issues plagued mankind and the powers that be. That those in charge still will do or say anything to retain their status, positions of power, and influence just like today. Unfortunately, the human species never appears in Mekkar’s mind to learn from their own past history with its flaws and errors. If they did, he questioned whether the supposedly civilized human race would continue the same courses of action to their own folly. Mekkar would respond with a definite - I think not! He saw these physical symbols as just a part of another empire and culture. One that has come and gone in a long line of successive great powers who existed for at least awhile, but fell due to internal decay and inefficiency. His inquiry of when will it ever end never was resolved during this consideration process.

These crazy ideas kept popping into Mekkar’s head to fight the absolute boredom during the transportation travel period along the stout Nile River. He could only be fascinated by sand for so long. Still, much to his chagrin, was the long journey to the next destination wherever that may be. It was an unknown factor as Mekkar was kept in the dark about this just like the rest of the players. He was not amused, as it was Mekkar’s nature and preference to be in the know of upcoming developments.