Friday, September 30, 2016


There was a barrage of constant interruptions throughout the night and on the day of the game as cautioned earlier. Mekkar was mindful of the intentional nature of these actions due to the forewarning before ever leaving home on this whirlwind tour. Despite this being aware of this environment Mekkar still became irritated. Mekkar considered this as a problem and was cherishing the chance to exercise his wrath. He would get his opportunity to dole out payback that night as a result. Mekkar’s disposition is to get ticked off and get even by reacting in a specific manner while knocking some heads in.

Mekkar started the game and got his revenge in a physical manner and hit everything in sight on the ice. He judged most of the Selects squad and said they had too much respect for the Soviet champions. The Arctic Warrior was like a man possessed and showed no fear while carrying out his own sense of ice frontier justice of punishment. It got to a point where even the opposition players did not want to provoke him anymore with nasty stickwork. Mekkar spent a lot of time to think and ponder the ongoing match from the penalty box. Alf’s older brother had seen quite a few tapes, etc. and knew what to expect in the game itself from the Red Army club.

The young man from the arctic had the best statistical night of all the Selects defensemen despite spending so much time in the sin bin. He was only a minus one which means that the other squad only scored one more goal than his team while he was on the ice. Lasse said the stats were misleading because it might have looked better if Mekkar had not made his team short-handed so often by taking frequent aggressive penalties. Still, the Russian club possessed quite a bit of speed and talent. Kharlamov himself undressed Mekkar on the ice with an incredible move and then immediately scored a goal.

Right before the match Mekkar had implored his Selects teammates to adopt a successful strategy that worked against the Soviets in Quebec City. He had Alf translate a newspaper article for him that revealed a tactic to interrupt the commonly used flow and weave game. Mekkar was willing to combat and overcome the well schooled style of smart, elegant, and officially clean hockey. A method with a penchant for connecting on longer breakout passes to create odd-man breakaways to rack up the goals. [;]

However, Mekkar’s teammates did not heed his advice and it was to their demise. Also, later on in the game several members of the Selects just ignored anything the Native from the North said and counted him responsible for the Selects handicapped situation. The Selects were effectively crushed eleven to two. They failed all over the ice that night even while Mekkar dished out some devastating hits. One of the few positives was that none of their players were seriously injured in this debacle. None of them wanted to visit any hospital facility there as a patient. The players had been previously told stories about the doctors performing operations without anesthesia while the subject is fully awake during the procedure. Mekkar’s response was, “No way! I will wait until I get back home for anything like that. No surgery here for me.”

After the drubbing and post-game formalities such as both squads exchanging of gifts, the fun part was about to begin thought Mekkar. Some of the Soviet players had invited a few of the Selects athletes over for a get together, that is - a party. The Russians had heard that their young opponents could consume considerable quantities of drink. So, they had to test Mekkar and a number of his teammates to see if the alcohol intake rumors were correct.

Mekkar got into one of the host’s vehicles along with Alf, Lasse, Johan, and another to journey to unknown location. He didn’t know where he was being taken to but felt, for some unexplained reason, secure in the fact he had some quality booze with him. As the crew started to roll along the streets further away from the city center some nagging thoughts crept into Mekkar’s mind. Were the agents still watching them? He supposed, that finally, officers and the like would leave him alone and not hassle him or any of the other visiting hockey players. Mekkar’s reasoning was where would they go when they didn’t quite know where they were. Plus, they were with some of the most famous athletes in the country and were visible in that sense.

They finally reached the outskirts of the capital and arrived at one of the home side player’s little home. Right then a numbers of cars rolled up onto the scene and Mekkar quipped, “Now! We have a party.” Many of the cluster went inside and participated in activities like card games while ingesting copious amounts of drink. While the music was in the blaring in the background, Mekkar noticed that the host individual’s family was absent from the premises. He then downed more booze and didn’t concern himself with anymore trivial matters like that.

Both Mekkar and Lasse esteemed themselves lucky that Alf was there because he was the go between to break any language barriers. The young Alf was a valuable asset as to the interaction between the two team’s players at the party. There were not a whole lot of people there including a lack of females. The goal was to get totally blasted and Mekkar was fine with that. In time, most of the group were so wasted that many had landed on the floor, sprawled across coaches, and a couple ended up under a table passed out drunk. There were only a small number that were even remotely conscious, as most were in a stupor.

When the phone rang there was a collective groan in the room and everyone just neglected to answer it including the property owner. He was sort of hanging halfway out one of the windows basically toasted. One person asked if anyone was going to pickup the phone. Another responded, “Who cares, leave it alone. Anyway, I am too drunk to get up off of the floor.” Mekkar wouldn’t answer it because he didn’t speak the local language. Plus, it wasn’t his residence. Plus, he was still in a semi-aware catatonic hammered state and fairly unmoved, along with others, on the floor also.