Sunday, June 8, 2014


Mekkar, Eppu, and the guys were in the mood to get something different for themselves. Kallio mentioned that, but didn’t remember where; he saw an ad about these special colored shorts in the city. These were the 1970’s type not the baggy down to the knees ones of today. Juha heard that they were the rage at the time and thought everyone in their little group should get them. Mekkar’s sibling, Alf was not with them this time. When they finally arrived at the shop for each of them to purchase the item Juha referred to, Mekkar resisted. Mekkar implored the guys not to waste their money on a fad that would phase out quickly.

He was alone in his opinion among the group. In fact, he hated the item and disregarded the shorts as totally foolish. To him, they looked outrageous and just awful: A pink colored garment with a small yellow panther image on the lower left front side. Mekkar wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything in the color of pink as he extremely disliked the hue itself. He would rather wear his favorite of red instead without the panther icon.
Mekkar was not hesitant to say so either, “I can’t believe any of you are buying these ridiculous shorts for this much money. Are you all crazy, drunk, stupid, or just lost your minds? Maybe it is a combination of all of it!”

The fact was that Mekkar had been previously exposed to the Pink Panther cartoon book character. Alf had some of those comic books in his room back home. The older sibling also knew that Alf was a big fan. Mekkar’s younger brother had watched a show on television and tapes of Pink Panther cartoon episodes in a host of languages. The mystery was that only a couple of people were actually aware of the source where these materials came from. Mekkar wanted no part of that and definitely not at those outrageous prices. All those in their circle, except Mekkar, bought the garb anyway over Mekkar’s objections. He concluded if Alf really wanted to buy this unauthentic apparel he would have to do it himself the next time he was in the area. Mekkar spouted off, “My brother should know better than my insane, drunk friends who waste their hard earned money on almost anything.”