Wednesday, June 4, 2014


When Mekkar was living in Minnesota his friends wanted to take a road trip. They begged Mekkar to be the designated driver. He would be the perfect sober person to take their small group where they wanted to go. They all knew that Mekkar had quit drinking alcohol altogether for health reasons a few years earlier and was a recovering alcoholic. Plus, this there was some distance involved.

It was Monday and their favorite hometown NFL team was on going to be on television that evening for the whole nation to see. The matchup was against the team’s main rivals from the state next door. The game was to be played in Green Bay and the gang had planned this trip for awhile. Previous travel arrangements had been made and game tickets had been purchased long beforehand. There was an extra one because one in the group was now unable to get away from another engagement to go on the journey. Thus, they chose Mekkar to accompany them.

Mekkar thought this would be fun and have a chance to visit a place he had never been before. Having grown up and participating in reindeer treks when he was younger, he liked to travel to new places and see new things. Mekkar has a view of once that in awhile it is a good thing to break the endless routines of life by participating in new adventures. It is in his blood and background. Also, he would get the chance to be inside the storied stadium.

The man from the arctic had first learned and improved his english language skills watching old professional sports films. He had heard commentators mention the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field in a deep voice many times on football films. He wished he could speak like that, but it was not possible after taking hockey pucks and sticks to the mouth and throat during his playing days. In reality, Mekkar was from the real frozen tundra above the Arctic Circle. He thought to himself that any place in Wisconsin would be tame in comparison to winters back home.

Still, it took some time to reach their destination, yet even with the driving Mekkar was not tired when they arrived. He was instead filled with anticipation, yet the matchup was still about 1.5 hours until kickoff. They went through the entrance gates and searched for their assigned seats to see would they would be in relation to the field. It was the first row at one of the end zones and there were other Vikings fans in that section clothed in purple. All around their small section was a sea of green and yellow that dwarfed them. There were a quite a few fans that wore slices of cheese on their heads in support of the Packers. Mekkar thought that those individuals could be the invested owners of that team and cheese head gear were the identifying indicator. He read that the locals had a unique arrangement and a true vested interest in their team. Personal ownership was one way to continue the string of unwavering support of a major league franchise in such a small city, thought Mekkar.

Since it was early, the rest of his group went to get more beer to drink. Even though they had drinking on the way over, it was not enough to satisfy their desire to consume. Mekkar had his gang get him some food and snacks. They were willing to pay the ridiculous prices for those items at the stadium and he was going to accept. It was part of the price for getting him to drive in the first place. Mekkar just watched the player warm-ups on the field and spotted certain players for him to watch. He had a program but didn’t bother with it. He felt that was the easy way and wanted to exercise his mind instead. He wanted to indentify any possible factors that could affect the outcome such as injuries, etc.

This was Minnesota’s star wide receiver debut season and they were undefeated so far. The Packers were no slouch either. Along with most people Mekkar expected to get a showcase of points by two explosive offenses in this matchup. Even though the arctic native was not really a fan of the Vikings, he chose his allegiance with his buddies on this night. Plus, he was the type of person who goes against the crowd anyway because that is just the way Mekkar is. He has some contrary personality traits and is not a follower by nature.

The Vikings raced to a big lead on the scoreboard. Fans around their section did get restless and quiet. However, they did pelt Mekkar and his friends with a few items. The arctic warrior wanted to brawl with some of the offenders. However, he knew who the local security people would favor in any dispute because those individuals probably lived in that town. His gang was outnumbered anyway and would have been overwhelmed in any physical encounter. Due to this, Mekkar was secretly hoping that one of the Minnesota players would have followed the local game custom. That is, by leaping into their section of the stands after a Vikings score, right in front of the crowd.

Only players in the purple, white, and yellow uniforms would have been accepted by them. On the other hand, if a player in the green, white, and yellow colors tried this they were ready to push that athlete back onto the field as a sign of rejection. Unfortunately, neither instance happened. Minnesota met Mekkar’s expectations, while Green Bay did not as the game was out of reach. To the Packers’ credit, they did not give up and made it respectable on the scoreboard at the end. Now, the long trip home or would they risk staying overnight in enemy territory...