Sunday, June 8, 2014


After arriving back & visiting his home village for a short time Mekkar was restless. As a result he decided to journey down south to visit his younger brother, Alf. The travel distance was over 400 miles (643.74 kilometers) away. Mekkar, Karku, Lasse, & Niillas took the train to get there and hang with him like they used to back home. Alf was currently going to school in an actual city where everything was much larger. The differences were vast as compared to the village they originated from. The middle child in Mekkar’s family was also now involved in the town’s local hockey system. Alf was progressing quickly and currently playing for a top level team for his age group. They all wanted to witness him in action before surprising Alf in person.

The oldest three of this crew got pretty rowdy during their drinking session while travelling. It was fortunate for them they didn’t have their items confiscated. The gang almost got thrown off of the train for their obnoxious behavior. So, it was a good thing each of them brought extra pocket money for the trip, just in case. Like at home, they made wagers on anything and everything they could think of. Some of it was on stupid ridiculous things too as kids bet on all kinds of stuff. They had their own small version of Las Vegas. The betting that went on was limited to their clique, and always excluded any outsiders, due to lack of trust of strangers. This type of activity was considered normal and routine among their age group back home in the village. Many others observed their actions as strange behavior that should be reserved for fully grown adults. It was normal conduct in their view and they didn’t care what other people thought.

Finally the band of four reached their destination and went to see Alf play some hockey. Mekkar’s brother stood out as the star of his squad. Alf conversed with them near the bench after the game was over. He told Mekkar that he would them back there after he showered and changed. For anyone familiar with a hockey locker room, the foul odor can be overwhelming at first. You know who the new reporters are by their offense at the smell in the air. Most get used to it very soon and they are gone. The boys all played sports, so that wasn’t an issue. Arrangements for lodging had previously been made. The crew set up a time and place to meet Alf after he got out of school the next day. Mekkar thought to himself, and then the real mischief could begin. Would the town be ready was the question.

On one occasion Karku, Lasse, & the ringleader Mekkar put out a dare to the youngest in the group, Mekkar’s youngest brother, Niillas. Part of the conditions was that Niillas had to run out quickly into the middle of a four way stop light intersection. There must be a predetermined minimum amount of traffic present. Another part of the challenge was that Niillas had to pull down his pants and take a dump right in the middle of the junction. After he would finish his business, Niillas would rejoin the group nearby and cleanup with items they had available.

The promised reward if Mekkar’s youngest brother carried out this action in its entirety was that each person in the party would give him forty dollars apiece. The posse was extremely cocky in their proposition. None of them ever thought that Niillas would have the guts to actually carry it out. It was test among the adolescents. The youngest potential members that wanted to hang with them had to show their stuff. They every so often had to show a willingness to ignore their fear and accept a challenge when given. Mekkar thought to himself, this is not back in their country village where they knew most everyone. At the same time, any leading adults back home would chalk it up as a harmless teenage prank. Like anywhere else in the world, human nature takes over to satisfy a need to be a part of something and fulfill a goal to gain acceptance.

There was a risk involved. Mekkar remembered that this is a city where if the police show up they all could get arrested. Mekkar whished that he would have thought of this idea regarding Niillas first. However, Karku came up with it and took all the credit for it. Since, they all had been drinking for awhile the group lost most of their inhibitions. Despite all his concerns, the setting forced Mekkar to display his brave face. Plus, Niillas desperately wanted to prove that he was worthy of hanging out with the older ones.

The gang was drinking, joking, and laughing together, hopefully inconspicuously behind a small berm, on the side of the road. Alf arrived late and finally met them there near the scene of the alleged misconduct that was about to take place. Mekkar thought this was good timing and proceeded to fill Alf in regarding the situation. Alf was game and he wanted to get in on the action. He was in an adventurous mood and desired a piece of the gamble. The money pot increased with another contributor. The crew had basically been eating and consuming non-stop during their waking hours since arriving in town. Thus, they had come prepared and brought plenty of resources for this endeavor.

Niillas got ready and loosened his belt that held up his pants. He briefly waited for vehicles to appear in all directions. Then, he suddenly dashed out into the middle of the crossway. Next, Niillas pulled down his drawers to his ankles, squatted, and left a medium sized pile right there. Without thinking of wiping his bottom, the boy quickly yanked up his pants. The surrounding cars were honking their horns at him. Catcalls and shouts from a few of the drivers came from all quarters. Right afterward, Niillas ran back to the side of the road to the relative safety where the group was. It was hilarious and everyone in the bunch was cracking up. At the same time, all of them were amazed that the boy did complete the dare.

Mekkar spoke to the group and said, “Let’s get out of here before the cops show up or worse. First of all, we need to find a bathroom so Niillas can finish wiping himself and fully clean up.” Subsequently, they fled the scene to avoid any potential trouble and arrived at a nearby restaurant. After cleaning himself up in the restroom, Niillas was ready to collect his prize. Each individual paid the money owed to the young guy for accomplishing the dare. Niillas raked in a total of one hundred and sixty bucks.

Not one of the guys believed enough to wager between themselves whether Mekkar & Alf’s youngest sibling would complete the task in the middle of the road with vehicles there. Thus, no odds on that aspect were set up beforehand. Mekkar commented in front of the group, “Let’s face it, we all lost our rear ends on this one!” Mekkar was also slightly perturbed that he lost the bet that separated some cash from his pocket. He was always ticked off when he lost anything because he hated losing so much. Yet, he had to admit that this was a stunt for the ages and probably was worth it despite the cost. Oh! The things that occur in boys club.